Ascending Goddess: Intro to Holistic Living Course

I know the feeling, my lovely darkling...

Life gets busier, stress feels heavier, our list of responsibilities grow longer, and our drive for "keeping it all together" as an independent woman becomes stronger.

And on top of everything we NEED to do, the needs that matter the most are ignored: our mind, body, spirit, and more.

But there is a Goddess underneath all the walls put up from being in hustle mode for so long that is dying for attention, and refuses to remain hidden.

NOW is the time to allow her to be seen, heard, felt, and carefully nurtured.

We all toss the word "Goddess" around, but what does it truly mean? Is it some watered-down term we use as ambitious women to feign confidence?

Absolutely not.

In my definition, a Goddess is a highly in-tune, feminine woman who has gazed into the dark recesses of her soul and has transmuted that pain into passion, pleasure, and purpose.

And although you haven't seen her yet, my dearest, that woman is YOU.

This 25-day course, Ascending Goddess: Intro to Holistic Living, is designed to help you prioritize your needs and goals amidst your busy lifestyle.

If you've been neglecting your personal transformation and struggle with developing healthy habits, connecting with your inner Divinity, and embracing your true Goddess potential, then this course is PERFECT for you.

Through weekly agendas focusing on Shadow Work, mindset, holistic practices, and spirituality, you'll receive expert insight and tactics right to your phone. Join us on this journey to passion, purpose, and bliss, and discover the transformative power of holistic living.

Don't let your busy schedule hold you back any longer - invest in yourself today!

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